CEO-Vision chooses Weblate for its translation management system

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  • GoFAST User interface is available in 3 languages, French, English, Dutch. But the documentation was only in French, the English is a work in progress (but will be available by the end of this month).

    However to handle multiple translations is rapidly a huge challenge.

    For example to outsource the original text to translators, they usually want to work in plain text and not the markup language reStructuredText (.rst) used to create technical documentation.

    Even harder, when a paragraph is changed in the original language, you want to notify the translators that something must be translated again.

    Another interesting goal is to give the ability to the community to add other languages to the documentation, because your company will never have the money/time/skills to translate in all languages. For example our user documentation has more than 12.000 words.

    At last, this solution should be used for online documentation, but in the future, for GoFAST UI and our corporate website (if possible).

    Therefore we looked for tools that could solve at least those 3 goals. Let's add that it had to be also compatible with 'git', the repository system.

    Here is a small list of what we quickly reviewed :

    For the number of strings that we already have, paid solutions were in the pricing range from 100€/month to > 250€/month. We decided that for now we will use a free version hosting onpremise.

    A choice has been made for weblate and which is hosted here : It is brand new but soon you will see more and more GoFAST docs on it. Ready to translate ? Join us there in few weeks !

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