Privacy problems in search results

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  • (copied from individual message I sent earlier) When searching for text documents, I get a list including documents that I do not have access to. Opening does not work (as ist should be) but I should not even see that there exists a document, and especially not the lead text.

    How did I get there:
    A stupid search, just clicking on the "saved search button" (displayed in image) ... and then filtering for text documents gives me this: You'll see I see summaries and addresses that I should not see even though I cannot open the docs "Covention de formation NAME.doc summary with address related to name"

  • @aclassen Those documents were in a public space for a prospect of ours, and that content has been deleted since then. For an unknown reason currently under investigation, this deletion did not entirely work on the search index reason why it temporarily appeared in your search results.

    As a side note, for profile search, it shows profiles for which you share a space/sub-space in common, which is the case for "Sylvain Jeandroz" (you both belong to EMCDDA)


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