GoFAST switches to RIOT for instant messaging

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  • This had not really happened since the launch of GoFAST but we made the decision to change the instant messaging technology in GoFAST v3.8

    It is one of the great advantages of choosing GoFAST, technology changes do not cost our customers anything!

    GoFAST's instant messaging, historically based on the very popular XMPP protocol (even used by WhatsApp), had limitations that seemed to us too important over time, the most important reason being that there were no homogeneous application between the Web application, Android mobiles and iOS mobiles.

    Different user experiences, different limitations, heterogeneous development rhythms, ...
    In addition, the web part integrated with GoFAST (JSXC) had a reduced number of contributors slowing down the development progress and fixing bugs.

    After several months of in-house testing, we decided to switch to Riot / Matrix technology for instant messaging and group chat. All of our tests were completely satisfactory (homogeneous applications, reliability, size of the community, ...). Riot / Matrix is ​​also the core of instant messaging application developed for French state agents (Tchap) and by Thales for Citadel Team

    GoFAST v3.8 will therefore include Riot technology, of course Onpremise or in Sovereign SaaS to control the localization of your data unlike MS-Teams, Slack and others.

    The integration will be strong since at least each 1st level collaborative space of GoFAST will have its "lounge" for conversation with all the members of the space already registered. It would of course be possible to create lounges independent of the GoFAST collaborative spaces.

    GoFAST v3.8 is scheduled for late April 2020.

  • GoFAST v3.8 including a Riot Onpremise / SaaS Souverain coming at the end of April, those who want to start testing Riot can open free accounts here: https://riot.im/app/#/welcome

    Then just create a room and invite the people with the following syntax @identifier: matrix.org

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