Riot and minimum browser requirements

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  • We are now running GoFAST 3.8 with Riot. That seems to work well on Chrome 83.x and a new Firefox version (sorry, don't have access to that machine at the moment) from a workstation I reach on VPN.
    We also currently still access GoFAST using Citrix, i.e. we use the Firefox version published on our Citrix server. For whatever reason, that is Firefox 60.3.0esr (32-bit), and there we get the following error message.


    When choosing to "accept the risk", the chat opens and seems to work completely normal.
    I assume this is really the browser version and not the Citrix access, and want to setup a browser config for GoFAST on Citrix. But I cannot find minimum browser requirements for Riot anywhere.
    Can you advise?

  • hello,
    This problem is known and will be fixed soon. The message only appears on the conversation tab in the spaces.
    Best regards,
    Oudot Julien

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