Alternative to Jitsi? Just a proposal or question

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  • There are voices among my colleagues that Jitsi does not look as they would like and misses some crucial functionality, like breakout rooms, meaning it cannot be our only webconferencing tool.
    This is not meant to say Jitsi should be replaced but rather a question/suggestion if you ever looked at alternatives, in a similar way as you replaced/added other components like adding Riot. You will have chosen Jitsi with good reason, and have it well integrated. Just a thought:
    Did you ever look at BigBlueButton? Also open source, to be installed on Linux, with integration modules for Drupal, for example, and all kinds of extra functionality not available in Jitsi. Sorry for my kind of naive enthusiasm, it is not that I am an expert. I just think it may be worth looking into when you work on longer-term plans. Well, or not.

  • Bigbluebutton was in our shortlist in 2016. However they only have an ubuntu version (v16) and they don't want to open it to other OS (see As you know all GoFAST software are executed in an CentOS (RedHat) environment. This a No-Go on our side (maintaining 2 OS will be too expensive, introduce a double security watch, ...)

    The only think that could perhaps be done is that when you create a webconference in GoFAST, it gives you an Onpremise JITSI link and an SaaS BigblueButton link (if those link are self-explanatory). Of course this would have to be quoted and put in our development roadmap ...

    FYI, Jitsi has some discussion about Breakout rooms here but nothing is in development

  • @aclassen We extended our reply here (sorry in French, tell me if you want us to translate it)

  • @aclassen We will have to confirm this information, but it seems that breakout rooms are in development for Jitsi
    We will follow this closely

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