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  • Is it possible, when subscribing to the maintained/non-community version of GoFAST, to get read-only access to the administration interface?

    I can understand that ICT-sys-admins@your-clients do not get access rights to change anything in the configuration, as the maintenance responsibility lies with CEO-Vision.

    But read access for example to logs or error messages or to see and understand configurations would help immensely. So, is it possible?

  • Hello @aclassen ,

    The super-administrator can access to the administration interface of GoFAST platform by Main Menu-Administration-GoFAST Configuration. You can manage some settings in this Configuration, see this screenshot

    Capture vue Configuration.PNG

    Our IT team can give you access to our tool Graylog to control logs or error messages. I don't know if it's necessary because in GoFAST configuration you have access to many differents settings, Graylog is a very technical tool.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you!

    1. I do not see that option, and I am superadministrator I would really like to see that
    Annotation 2021-06-17 125602.jpg

    Annotation 2021-06-17 125602.jpg

    1. Oh yes, I would like to have access to the logs *
      I admit that is also because so far I do not see the GoFAST Complet view
  • Hello @aclassen ,

    Which option are you talking about? Could you specify? According to your screenshot you are in GoFAST Configuration.

    For Graylog, could you open the ticket for our IT team? They will give you the access.

    Have a nice day,
    Yelena Yevtykhova

  • Good morning!

    1. About the admin interface:
      Indeed, I am in Menu Administration/GoFAST Configuration

    In your screenshot, between the "Upload logo image" and "email" you have a radio button choice between "GoFAST Complet" and "GoFAST Basic". I do not have that choice

    I think I will also open a ticket about that

    1. Will open a ticket for Graylog
  • Hello @aclassen ,

    It's totally normal because I took the screenshot in GoFAST 3.10 version and in 3.10 version you have the possibility to make a choice between GoFAST Complet view and GoFAST Basic view.

    You will be notifed soon by our ticket tool to update the version of your GoFAST platform.

    Best regards,
    Yelena Yevtykhova

  • @yelena, I do not see any more information in the Admin interface after update to 3.10, I can only decide to see less, it seems.

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