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  • The following question has come up about OnlyOffice:

    When editing a document using track changes/Fast collaborative editing in GoFAST-OnlyOffice, other users' editing simultaneously is displayed immediately, and we want it like that.

    However, if two people work near each other, the hover over display of the usernames can disturb the editing: Sometimes a box (noting User B… is editing ) appears right above the text that User A editing / adding in tracked changes, the hover-over box makes the very part of the sentence that User A is editing /writing invisible.

    Is there a way to “disable” this functionality in OnlyOffice without switching off the collaborative aspect?

  • Hello @aclassen,

    In OnlyOffice you have many options to manage the collaboration mode with your colleagues.

    You have the possiblity to switch between Fast ans Strict mode of co-editing.

    Fast mode means that you see all the changes in real-time as your co-author is typing. This mode is enabled by default. You use this mode of co-editing.

    Strict mode is more private. You lock the document abstract you are working on, and no one can see what you are typing until you hit save.

    How you can switch between two modes : Go to the Collaboration tab and choose the co-editing mode – Fast or Strict.

    You have also the possibility to play with Track changes option in OnlyOffice. You can see this link :

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