Version 3.10: Confidential Data

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  • So, there were questions among our users about the "confidential data" setting that blocks downloads, printing and sharing of a document by email: "What about Selecting text to copy it into a new document?"

    I tested that as a read-only user with a Word/Text document.

    As I could still annotate the preview, I could select and copy (& paste in a new document) - losing the formatting but all in all getting the contents

    More importantly, I could from the preview open the complete document into a new window

    Annotation 2021-07-22 171902.jpg

    With that I get the whole document.
    Is there a way to avoid that?

  • Hello @aclassen,

    Yes we removed the main functionnalities to extract a document from GoFAST but as your browser needs to download the file to display it there will always be ways to get the content and we can't avoid this.

    We have some options (as right click restrictions, add of a watermark) to improve the security of this fonctionnality and we are working on it.

    Have a great day !


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