GoFAST v4 "Final" (at last)

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  • GoFAST v4 Final (internally called GoFAST v4 R3) has been in production at CEO-Vision since early May.

    Even if this final version has accumulated some delay for its launch, it allowed us to include the latest versions of OnlyOffice 7.1 (which has just been released) and JITSI.

    GoFAST v4 R3 is almost 300 improvements, fixes, performance improvements, and some new features compared to GoFAST v4 'Preview'

    For example:

    • "Mirror" folder to automatically share content between spaces

    • Onlyoffice 7.1 (including animations in Presentation file and multiple improvements and bug fixes)

    • Different frequency Notification for activity and comments notification

    • Improved Wikis

    • New space page with optional logo per space

    • New directories with more intuitive filters

    • Warning icon if a file is shared with Externals

    • Label forcing the use of Onlyoffice on a document

    • Old Word 2003 format (doc/xls/ppt) prohibited with Onlyoffice

    • Break-out rooms (Jitsi)

    • eSUP Signature module

    • Mail module (enhancements)

    • Multiple other improvements (terminology, ...)

    • Performance & other changes:
      ** Dashboard with blocks loaded asynchronously
      ** pdf.js for preview replaced by browser PDF reader (unless document has annotations)
      ** http2 support
      ** Many optimizations
      ** Module for blocking SSH connection attempts
      ** Various security fixes

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