Records management

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  • I remember that GoFAST supports archiving, official signatures and I think formal records management.
    Can I find some more information about that anywhere?

  • We have several ways for digital signatures with GoFAST :

    Obliviously all those signatures mechanisms are generally used in conjunction of a GoFAST workflow process, where different actors give approval and signoff.

    For Records management (which is more pre-archiving), we will produce a small documentation in the next weeks. Basically you can assign a "Duration Date" to a GoFAST category (i.e Invoice). The documents with this category will be in Read Only State. When reaching this Duration date, the document will be either deleted or transferred to a legal Record Management Systems for Long-term archiving.

    Please note that to our knowledge there are no European Regulations about Legal Record Management. In the U.S it is regulated by Dept. of Defense DOD 5015.02, in France NF Z42-013 (ISO 14641-1) and the ISO 15489.

    In France, the French State has developed a important Legal Record Management application, Vitam

    I hope this will answer your questions

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