Standard home page?

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  • Is there a way to have a standard home page for spaces OR for users?
    Can I use an article as a template? (That thought came in relation with the standard home page)

  • Hello @aclassen and thank you for your question.

    Space home page: Currently there is no standard home page for a Collaborative Space (by default it's ampty).
    You can create a "wiki" page shared between the administrators of the various Spaces so that they can copy the content and paste it on the home tab of the Spaces they manage.

    The main home page: by default, the activity thread is displayed. However, if necessary we can set up a "Dashboard" page for you. For the moment, this page is the same for all users (the types of "blocks"), but the information and content that are displayed in the blocks depend of course on the access rights of the users. Eg: everyone will have the "Tasks / Processes" block, but the tasks displayed will be different depending on the user.


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