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  • OK, perhaps because we have some space with (for us) many users, when I create a chatroom it seems I tend to create 2 at the same time (because when nothing happens I click again on the "create" button, which is not blocked in that moment, which may be a different issue)

    • I want to get rid of the extra chatroom. ow do I do that?~
    • How do I access admin settings for Riot on GoFAST?
    • Or see the spaces that already have a chatroom or not?
    • Why is it that it seems everybody in the space becomes moderator in the space's chatroom?
  • @aclassen Some additional questions / remarks :

    • Did you create those chat rooms in the Public sub-space ?
    • To remove a Chat room you will have to go to the corresponding space and


    • To see if a space has a corresponding chat room, you just have to go on that space and click on the Chat tab
    • Spaces administrators have the "moderator role" in a chat room ("Public" works slightly differently)
  • Then I think there is something wrong.
    Each time I go back to the public subspace I get the message that teher is no chatroom and am asked to create a new one.
    While in the list of chatrrooms there are clearly already 2 chatrooms that I created that way. (The one with the palm tree icon and the one P with the hover-over displayed in the screenshot)

  • @aclassen yes it seems that there is a specific problem for chat rooms in Public subspace. The IT team will look at it this afternoon don't worry

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