Notifications for users not yet trained

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  • We have the following situation:
    A lot of users have been configured due to the use oif the expected LDAP settings and import. Many of the however have not yet been trained and get many notifications. What is the best thing to do to avoid general complaining?

    • Is it possible to administer the subscriptions on behalf of a user? There are some that may be set to "instant" because they were adde to a space when the default setting was still in a test modus
    • Or else, should we deactivate/block the user (I assume then he would not get notifications)?
  • Dear @classen,

    In this situation, I think you can deactivate the users who don't use GoFAST during the POC. In this case, they will not get notifications.

    Have a nice day,
    Yelena Yevtykhova

  • Even after I blocked the users explicitly and painstakingly one by one, it seems in some automatic action (probably some automatic LDAP synch) all these users have been activated again and therefore receive notifications again.
    So what am I supposed to be doing?

  • Hello @aclassen,

    Is there any possibility to restrict the synchronization filters so these users are not active in GoFAST ?

    Another solution may be to disable the LDAP synchronization while the users are not trained and block the users accounts.

    We will talk about these notifications issues in our next weekly meeting (next tuesday), I think this is really important.

    Have a nice day !

    Best regards,

  • I changed the synch filter so the users are not fetched

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