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  • The option "Allow non administrator members to create 2nd level sub spaces" seems quite attractive to allow small teams to do their work together.
    Is that option used in a typical setup?
    What type ofuser does one have to be to in the parent (first level) space?

  • Dear @aclassen,

    This option allows to users not Administrator the creation of sub-spaces in Groups and Extranet. Super administrator can activate this option in GoFAST General Configuration. You can have all type of role users in this case in the parent space.

    Users in the parent (first level) space with Contributor or Read Only roles have the possibility to create sub-spaces of second level they automatically inherit Administrator user role in this sub-space.

    Have a nice day,
    Yelena Yevtykhova

  • Is that something that you would recommend? Or better to have somebody as administrator in a subspace from where he/she can create more?

  • Hello @aclassen ,

    This option is interesting in the case the organization has very open vision about the management of access rights on GoFAST platform. For example, we can have this situation in some organizations with strong representation of researchers. They have often many small collaborative projects with other internal or external colleagues and it’s important for them to be able to create fastly Group/Extranet space of second level and add user and not have to wait Administrator of first level gives access each time.
    If this option is activated, the system of notifications is planned to notify super administrators, administrators of spaces some spaces are not active for a long period of time (no actions with files in the spaces) , spaces can be removed from platform.

    Have a nice day,

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