Notifications to document creator after leaving space?

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  • We have an issue with a lady who changed department.
    She says she still receives notifications from a space where she is not a member of anymore.

    Can that be because while being a member she created documents there and is still owner?
    Or more precisely asked: Can it be that a document remains owned by a person who has been removed from a space, and if yes, what happens to access rights?

  • Hello @aclassen,

    Could it be possible that the notified actions was done before she was revoked from the space ?

    Even if you created the document, if you are not longer in the space you won't be notified. Also is this document multifiled ?

    Thanks in advance !


  • Thanks for that! I thought multifiling could not be the source because the user is finding her way very well, but with your feedback I thought to go back and do check about multifiling.

    Turns out another user did not understand properly some concepts and multifiled the document(s) in question to every parent folder and parent space she has access to, which included some parent space of which my complaining user still is a member.

  • Hello @aclassen,

    Good news, thank you for your feedback !


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