Editing Space description

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  • In the Space browser/view, I can easily rename a space


    I also can edit the home page.

    In the Space Directory, I seem to have an Edit option for the Description

    However, that does not work. There ust be somewhere a way to change the description of a space after creation, not be stuck with it (and possible Typos) from the moment of creation?

    I think I have wondered about this before, but still cannot find the answer

  • Hello Andrea,

    Until we correct the problem, you can access the editing form by adding "edit" after the number of the page, eg. https://gofast.ceo-vision.com/node/14139/edit.

    I opened a ticket internally to correct this problem as soon as possible.

    We will get back to you when this problem is corrected.

    Ethan Pannekoucke

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