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  • Where would I find (or put and share) data privacy information/terms of use and the like? It may be obvious, but I do not see it.

    Or would one put it into the notifications fro new users?

  • Some of our customers send a GoFAST link at the account creation. Their data privacy and rule of conduct on the GoFAST platform is send at the account creation time, configured in this section :


    However a configurable entry in the menu (?) could also be added in the future

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  • Yes, we have thought about using that notification as well, but we would need something permanently accessible (people often ignore the details of such a notification).

    It would be enough to have the text in a / reffered to in a permanently pinned "blog post" or "web page" or "document" for all users

    I am at a loss where to put it, though. Under _PUBLIC is the obvious solution for internal users, but how / where do you ensure that all Extranet users can access it? I thought is would fit nicely directly into the _Extranet space where everybody has read access, but I cannot multifile it there it seems. I would not like to create a special space for this

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