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  • The possibility to use links between GoFAST documents is great
    The functionality could be nicely improved, may I suggest something?

    The search by document title is not very helpful if you have a more generic document name, for example "team meeting minutes" - especially as the usual filter options are not available (by space, by tags). I admit I find it quite irritating that I cannot link using permalinks.

    The cleanest way to establish links would be to use the nodeid, even if you took out search by title, and then have the document title displayed as is now. Because what I work with when I add references to the list of links is known nodeids/permalinks - I know which documents I want to link.

  • Hello @classen,

    Thank you for suggesting this idea. I opened a ticket internally GoFAST-7217 to improve this feature.

    Best regards,
    Yelena Yevtykhova

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