Workflow changes (3.10)

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  • We like the improvements of the workflows in the new version, and some colleagues are eager to use them - in particular for administrative processes.

    The predefined workflows are nice.
    However, quite often it happens that the default responsible is unavailable for a certain process step. It is normal to have a backup step in. Or the process step is even not linked to one person but to a role.

    It would be nice to change a workflow once it is started. At the moment I can only delete the whole workflow, even if 8 of 10 steps have already been done and I would like to keep that history.

    I understand that real changes (steps, order, ...) are difficult. But can there be a way to change the responsible of a certain step that has not been done? (OK, the actor of step 9 broke her leg and is replaced by colleague X).

    Alternatively, can a process step be associated with a userlist instead of a user?

    That is really one functionality that may decide about acceptance

  • The new standard workflow are great and we are happy that you appreciate it.

    Changing an actor while the process is executed has already been done for some customers and their specific workflow, but it is not a small development, i think we would need a customer ordering it.

    Otherwise your workaround by using userlists in workflows is referenced in our roadmap GOFAST-5347 currently for GoFAST 4.1 (T1 2022)

    Have a nice end of week,

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