Deleting memos

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  • So, seeing that memos are seen by everybody on the platform and everybody can create them, how can somebody other than the creator - like a superadmin remove old memos?
    It looks unprofessional when year old memos are displayed
    Or remove inappropriate memos? Not to moderate those can have serious consequences

  • Hello @aclassen,

    You are absolutely right and we hesitate between:

    • Delete this feature because GoFast offers a much more efficient and practical Chat (if need to publish a memo).
    • Either transform micro-blogging into a "technical" communication tool to send messages to the entire platform (eg: Attention, tomorrow there will be an update of the platform)

    We do not want the microblogging to be redundant with the Chat.

    What do you think? Which of the 2 options would be more practical for you?

    Thank you

  • @aclassen so our final position is to restrict memo/micro-blogging management (new, edit, delete) to the new role in GoFAST v4 of "Business admin", GOFAST-7372

    FYI, in GoFAST v4 we splited Technical Superadmin with a new role, "Business admin" as requested by several customers

  • very good

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