GoFAST and CentOS future (opensource version of RedHat)

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  • CEO-Vision guarantees our customers that no component is End of Life (EOL), this is why our business model is so interesting, as also managing the security patches, bug fixes, or the replacement of obsolete or faulty technologies (loss from the community, ...)..

    Huge savings in time and money for the CIOs who have placed their trust in us.

    RedHat (IBM) chose to change the positioning of CentOS which was released after each version of Redhat and therefore offered the same stability.
    The future CentOS is called CentOS Stream and is positioned between Fedora and Redhat in terms of software cycle. Fedora being the most advanced version (and therefore potentially the most unstable), CentOS Stream being a pre-version (preview) of Redhat but of production quality according to Chris Wright, CTO of Red Hat, Facebook having chosen to spend millions of servers on CentOS Stream.

    To return to GoFAST, for information GoFAST v2 ran on CentOS 6 and GoFAST v3/v4 on CentOS 7.

    The CentOS change is therefore in our roadmap (internal reference GOFAST-7469), some candidates:

    • CentOS Stream 8
    • Oracle Linux 8
    • possibly Rocky Linux

    Note that we have not yet considered RedHat to avoid an increase in the cost of GoFAST.

    The change is planned for GoFAST v5 (2023). Here are some selection criteria:

    • Stability and Performance
    • Rapid availability of security patches and correctives
    • Ease of migration CentOS > New OS
    • Scope of packages available for this OS
    • Community and/or company behind the project
    • Maximum compatibility with RedHat (yum,..)

    ++ Compatibility on a maximum of hypervisor, TinaOS (Outscale), ESXi, HyperV, KVM, but also AWS (international customers)
    ++ Optimal operation with container

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