GoFAST and Project Management

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  • Our company is currently trying to improve Project Management, would you be able to highlight the project management features available in the GoFAST system?

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  • For you to know our first customer (2300p.) back in 2012 choose GoFAST to manage a large IT project, the migration of a new version of an ERP, 1 millions€ project, 2 years duration, 60 staffs (internal+external). Back then they needed a DMS (versionning, fast search ...) to manage all requirements, plannings, documentation, minute notes, ... all securely accessed internally and externally with stakeholders (IT consulting firms).

    Since then GoFAST has been used by almost all our IT customers department at least for document sharing+collaboration, including the French Ministry of Finance for the CHORUS project, which is the ERP of French State, one of the largest and most critical software in France.

    For that purpose (DMS) a project has to have at least a 'Group' collaborative space in GoFAST. If you want to share some project files with your customer and/or external parties, you will have also create a 'Extranet' collaborative space. Remember that a single document can be shared in 2 collaborative spaces, very unique feature of GoFAST.

    On top of project repository in GoFAST there is a lot more that can be done :

    • Manage a project with KANBAN card (see screenshot)

    • Use workflows for a project (for example, review the business requirement, get the approval from management, ...)

    • Use project space template (GoFAST v4.1) where a collaborative space is having always the same structure (templates, sub-directories, ...)

    • Integrate a project management tool (i.e. JIRA, OpenProject, ...) with GoFAST

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