Problems to save Word documents downloaded from GoFAST

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  • The situation is the following:

    We upload an older document to GoFAST, no problem to view and edit it (including edit from my PC or online OnlyOffice).

    When I download the document AFTER it was edited in OnlyOffice, I can access the document but not save it.


    Running Inspect document will find "custom xml code"


    When I remove the custom xml code (just within the "Inspect document") and save the document, all works fine.

    I can also run the "Inspect document" and removal in "Edit from my PC" mode, and that solves the problem in the future for that document. Nevertheless, it seems OnlyOffice seems to do something with the XML of older documents.

  • Dear @aclassen,

    We cannot reproduce your issue with your document on Microsoft 365 Word 2016 Version 2205 (build 15225.20288) on Win 10 Pro and Onlyoffice 7.1.0 (GoFAST v4 R3)

    Perhaps it is not exactly the same document ?


  • Another check with Office 2019 Pro (Microsoft Word 2019 PRO Version 2205 Build 16.0.15225.20278 64 bits​) does not reproduce your problem.

    Warm regards,

  • Good to know, thanks for investigating.

  • @aclassen Thank you !

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