ChatGPT plugin for Onlyoffice

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  • Announced for Onlyoffice version 7.3, the plugin is already usable on the application for Windows, Mac, and Linux to download

    You just have to import openai.plugin in the application with the "Plugin Manager" (or directly in the marketplace in available)


    The plugin needs the ChatGPT API (paying account), you must therefore have a token (API key) obtained at

    And here is the result !


    Don't forget that a lot of other interesting plugins exist for Onlyoffice like DeepL and Google Translate,, OCR, Autocomplete, Word Counter, Zotero (reference management), ... However, these are SaaS services, do not put sensitive content in these plugins.

    At last news the plugin would be also available for Onlyoffice version 7.2 included in recent versions of GoFAST.

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